Below activities are examples of marketing instruments which has proved useful to our clients when penetrating international markets:

• Seminar with assistance from the Norwegian Embassy
• Norwegian Evening


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Example program of seminar (click to enlarge).

ScandArabian House also co-operated with the varous Norwegian Foreign Services, in particular the Embassy in Abu Dhabi, UAE, to arrange seminars for our clients. The ambassador then introduced the seminar adding prestige to the activity.

Seminars like these may of course be arranged anywhere.

Invitation to 2008 event (click to enlarge).

Norwegian Evening

ScandArabian House arranged in 2006, 2007, and 2008 an event we called Norwegian Evening at one of the prestigious hotels in Dubai.

The idea behind this event was that the Norwegian Companies in ME could invite thie clients to listen to Norwegian artist and taste Norwegian Food.

Norwegian Evening became very popular and was in fact one of the main marketing activities for some of the Norwegian companies in the Middle East.