• Help businesses in their marketing and sales efforts to increase revenue
• Help to introduce your products internationally, including for instance, establishment of a branch office abroad
• Be a sparring partner in company strategy discussions
• Introduce products to the Norwegian market


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LiseMa Invest AS
Org nr 993 430 196

Prof. Olav Hanssensvei 7A
4021 Stavanger

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Doing business in the Middle East (Muscat, Oman)

We work as your manager for a period of time and assist your business in building and implementing a market strategy with concrete milestones and activities. Both nationally and internationally. LiseMa's founder has resided in Dubai assisting primarily Norwegian companies in their market efforts in the Middle East market. However, the same export-principles of course also apply to other markets. The key is to be familiar with customs in the various markets.

Our speciality is to help smaller businesses with a product ready for market to develop and implement strategies for growth. If you already cover your home market, we have many years of expertise in internationalisation of your product. This includes establishment of a network of agents and managing/maintaining said network.

We can also act as your Company Representative conducting market surveys and help to prequalify your products for the Norwegian market.