Ideally you should cover you home market before you start your export activities. Export activities are expensive, and should therefore be considered carefully.

It is very important to understand that Things Take Time when you are in the export business, but it also opens up new and exciting markets!


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A lot of Norwegian companies, esepcially within Oil&Gas have interesting products for the industry worldwide. We have to invent products able to withstand very harsh conditions, and technically advanced products to minimize operational costs. These products are well-suited for the international market.

We have more than 25 years experience in marketing products and services internationally. The founder of the company has for instance lived 11 years in Dubai, and ran his own company there for 7 years. He then used all aspects listed below in his marketing efforts.

All principles listed in Sales and Marketing services apply when entering the international market.

Other aspects to help you succeed internationally:

• We are well-experienced in using the Norway's export 'instruments', such as embassies, INTSOK, and various Chambers of Commerce. Click here for examples of our international marketing activities.
• Assist in the preparation for local culture and technical specifications.
• We can assist in the establishment of local branch offices and help build networks of agents

It is very important to understand that our foreign bodies only open doors, you have to do the work yourself!

Finally, it is again vital to underline that Things Take Time. A lot of companies experience 3 to 5 years, so you must be prepared to wait some time for the return on your investment.