You can have the best product, but without a systematised marketing effort of it, you will not succeed.

Marketing is of course one of many parameters, such as logistics/supply chain, sales, and a proper market plan.


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LiseMa has long experience in marketing of products & services nationally and internationally. It is our experience that it is very important to be systematic in order to succeed.

A proper market plan is therefore vital, as well as to communicate it internally to secure internal 'ownership' of the plan. Prior to the Market plan one discuss the strategy based on a market Report. Finally we assist in implementing the plan and secure necessary resources.

We also help you create marketing material, including animations which often proves very suitable in the marketing process, togehter with our participating Company NAGELLD.

Do you have a proper Customer Relations Management (CRM) tool? A CRM system is a scalable and efficient way to manage sales and marketing.

For us, sales and marketing = systematism